Three reasons to create a UCSF study email address

Why create a study email address?

1. Easy to use: A study email address is likely easier for participants to remember and less prone to typos than a personal email address.

2. Establish trust: A email address signals to potential participants that your study is part of UCSF-- a trusted institution.

3. Streamline communications: Once you have a study email address, you can give multiple team members access and centralize all study communications from that mailbox. This is helpful if a study team member is out of office and a colleague needs to cover duties.

It's easy to create a UCSF email address for your study--here's how:

1. Follow this link:

2. Select the third menu item "ARF: Active Directory Resource Account Request (Campus only)"

3. Fill out the form--this part should be self-explanatory. You will need to specify the owner of the account, account name and email address, and then select "resource account type: Mailbox Entity"