Grant Submission Support

UCSF and PRP offer several resources to support grant submissions, including: 

  1. Letter of support: PRP can provide a letter of support to confirm availability of recruitment infrastructure and resources available at UCSF. (Available upon request.)
  2. Description of Recruitment Resources at UCSF: An overview of resources available to UCSF researchers. You can include this in your narrative and in your Facilities and Resources section (NIH grants). (Available upon request.)
  3. Consultation: Consultation is available on recruitment methodology, planning, and budgeting. The first hour is free!
  4. Research Data Browser: you can use the UCSF Research Data Browser (RDB) to determine how many patients at UCSF meet your eligibility criteria. The RDB is a point-and-click browsing tool that allows researchers to explore UCSF patient records de-identified from APeX. The RDB does not require IRB approval and is a free, self-service tool for the UCSF research community. Registration and account activation is required. Visit the Research Data Browser page for more information.
  5. ACT Network: Researchers planning multisite studies can use the ACT Network. ACT is a real-time, open access platform to explore & validate feasibility for clinical studies. It contains over 125 million patient records, and by the end of 2019 will include ~90% of the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) consortium. Available at no charge, registration required. Learn more and register:


  6. The Research Development Office has up-to-date information on grant proposal resources, including information on the new NIH Recruitment and Retention Plan requirement.

To request a letter of support or resources page, email [email protected].