Grant Submission Support

PPR Cohort Count Service

The PRP Cohort Count service allows investigators preparing grant applications to receive a snapshot of the number of patients at UCSF Health that meet their eligibility criteria. Researchers submit the main clinical and demographic study inclusion/exclusion criteria and PRP staff provide the number of UCSF Health patients that meet the criteria. 

Here's how it works:

  1. Submit a request Researcher submits a short intake form.  
  2. Cohort count results provided by email PRP staff will perform the search using Patient ExploreR and send the results back to the investigator within one week. 
  3. Review/Revise (optional) If the study team would like to revise their criteria, PRP will offer the option of one 15-minute zoom call to review and revise the query. If additional cohort exploration is needed, PRP will provide instructions on how to use PatientExploreR so the research team can explore the cohort counts directly.

Who should use this service?

This service may be a good fit if you:

  • Are preparing for a grant submission and want to recruit patients from UCSF Health
  • Have well-defined eligibility criteria that can be searched in the EHR using structured data (eg, no clinical notes)

This service may not be a good fit if you:

  • Need ZSFG data. To access cohort counts for ZSFG patients, submit a request through CTSI Consultation Services (fees may apply; subsidies may be available for PIs without funding).
  • Are not yet sure of your eligibility criteria and want to explore how multiple tweaks to the criteria affect the cohort population. If you want to do handson exploration of the cohort, you may wish to create an account to use PatientExploreR directly. Learn more on the Patient ExploreR information page.

Request a Cohort Count

Additional Grant Support Resources

UCSF and PRP offer several resources to support grant submissions, including: 

  1. Participant Recruitment Program letter of support (Email [email protected] to request.)
  2. Description of Recruitment Resources at UCSF: An overview of resources available to UCSF researchers. You can include this in your narrative and in your Facilities and Resources section (NIH grants). (Email [email protected] to request.)
  3. Consultation: Consultation is available on recruitment resources and planning, including recruitment of under-represented populations. The first hour is free!
  4. The Research Development Office has up-to-date information on grant proposal resources, including an NIH Recruitment and Retention Plan template.