PRP Index of Recruitment Resources is a one-stop-shop for recruitment information. Below is an overview of Participant Recruitment Program resources, tips, and tools. (Updated February 5, 2018)


PRP has video tutorials and resources in three subject areas: planning and budgeting, social media, and underrepresented populations.

Recruitment Planning and Budgeting New!

  1. Getting Started
  2. Finding your participants
  3. Developing a budget
  4. Creating Videos with Videoscribe

Social Media Recruitment New!

  1. Introduction to Social Media Recruitment: Opportunities and Challenges
  2. Getting Started with Facebook
  3. Preparing an IRB Submission
  4. Budgeting for Social Media Recruitment

Underrepresented Populations New!

  1. Diversity in Research Participation: why it's important
  2. Webcast: Recruitment of Underrepresented Study Populations
  3. Tips from research teams


PRP Services


First hour is free, additional hours available on recharge basis ($100-$200 hour depending on consultant)

  • Plain language New!
  • Strategies for recruitment of underrepresented populations New!
  • Cohort identification & direct mail
  • Recruitment methodology and planning
  • Social Media recruitment and digital strategy

Grant Submission Resources New!

PRP can provide a letter of support, a description of recruitment resources at UCSF, consultation, and more to support grant applications.


A secure national registry, free for any UCSF Investigator. (IRB approval required.)

EHR Recruitment Letter Service:

UCSF researchers wishing to recruit from the UCSF patient population can use the CTSI Recruitment Letter Service to invite UCSF patients to participate in research.   Cost is $.53 per letter plus staff time; programming time may apply as well. (More details available on the EHR Recruitment Letter Service page. The service can be initiated by submitting a consultation request.)

Pilots and Promotions New!

Information on PRP pilot programs and promotions will be posted here; check back periodically for updates.

Resources and Tips

Best Practices for EHR Recruitment Data Pulls

For studies using departmental resources to identify patients via the EHR for recruitment.

Recruitment Resources Tip Sheet

Overview of common recruitment methods, with information on cost, time required for implementation, and target audience. Includes contact information for Bay Area media outlets.

Quick Tips

Links and quick answers to common recruitment questions. Topics include:

Advertising at UCSF

Create a UCSF study email

Create a short URL and track click rates

Google analytics -- adding it to a drupal site

Designing Recruitment Materials – Recruitment message

Designing  Recruitment Materials - Images

Designing Recruitment Materials – Graphic Design Tools

Designing Recruitment Materials – Study Videos

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