Social Media Recruitment Service

Image is an infographic of the PRP Social Media Recruitment Service process: Starting with "IRB Approved Advertising Strategy created by PRP", followed by arrows leading to example ads on Facebook and Instagram, and concluding with an arrow pointing to "Interested Participant".

The CTSI Participant Recruitment Program offers a social media recruitment service to identify and engage potential study participants through paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. PRP collaborates with the study team to create a social media recruitment strategy, posting advertisements on a centralized UCSF Research Facebook page. Advertisements feature images representative of the target population, and ad text is written at a maximum 8th-grade reading level. PRP time and Facebook ad fees are billed to the study team; for detailed cost information, please review the cost details belowTo get started or learn more, submit a consultation request. For FAQs about the service, both for prospective and current users, refer to the FAQs section at the bottom of the page.

Information for Current Users 

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Information for Current Users: