Office Hours: EHR Recruitment

Office Hours with the Participant Recruitment Program is officially back! These are online zoom session where you can drop by and ask questions about recruitment, learn more about recruitment services provided by our program, and access free resources designed to help you reach your recruitment goals.

Who Should Attend?

Open to anyone in the UCSF community and especially helpful for those involved in research recruitment. Our last session was on our EHR Recruitment Service. You can find a recording of this session here:

 EHR Recruitment Office Hours Recording 

A few of the questions asked in this session:

How specific can patients be filtered using EHR recruitment?

  • We generally recommend that studies think broadly about their EHR recruitment search criteria. Study teams can however be specific (diagnosis codes, lab values, smart data elements, etc.) or broad (age, gender, etc.) with their inclusion criteria for EHR recruitment. To learn more, please click here to schedule a free consultation with our team.

I’m not sure if my study is a good fit for EHR recruitment, who should I speak to, to learn more?

  • EHR recruitment is best suited for studies looking to recruit within the UCSF Health network that have inclusion/exclusion criteria that can be identified in structured data fields in the electronic medical record.  If you are interested or curious if your study would be a good fit for the EHR Recruitment Service, please click here to schedule a free consultation with our team.

Are we required to send letters when using EHR recruitment?

  •  To ensure that all patients have access to research participation opportunities, PRP requires studies using MyChart for recruitment to also budget for paper letters to patients who are eligible but do not have MyChart accounts. This service is managed by PRP as the honest broker.

We’ll be back online on Thursday, July 21 to share information on free resources available to the UCSF research community. Please click on dates below to register.  

Future sessions:

Thursday, July 21: 12-1 pm (zoom)

Topic: Free services and tools available to research teams.

  • Using Canva to create recruitment resources featuring Mia Kagianas, Higher Education Consultant | Canva
  • Other free PRP resources
  • Q&A

Thursday, August 18: 12-1 pm (zoom)

Topic: Social Media Recruitment Service 

  • Innovative Ways to Recruit Participants Online Featuring Julian Paredes-Gotamco, Lead Research Coordinator, PARTI Study 
  • Advertising your study on Facebook and Instagram
  • Q&A