Office Hours

Office Hours: Interested in resources to increase recruitment? Ask us during office hours!

Stuck in a recruitment rut? We all aim to meet our recruitment target but sometimes that may seem a little harder than it appears.
CTSI’s Participant Recruitment Program is here to help! 
Drop by and ask us questions you may have about recruitment, learn more about services provided to help you with recruitment, and access free resources designed to help you reach your recruitment goals. If you’d like to have us address a specific question during our office hours, please email [email protected] 
Who should attend?
Anyone engaged in participant recruitment: faculty researchers, CRCs, Clinical Trial Project Directors, and more.

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Thursday from noon-1 pm (zoom) on 6/23, 7/21, and 8/18


1. EHR Recruitment ( 6/23/22)
2. Free recruitment resources (7/21/22)
3. Social Media Recruitment Service (8/18/22)