Recruitment resources to support Post-Roe research


Social Media recruitment

PRP staff will work with the study team to develop and implement a social media recruitment campaign using Facebook, Instagram, or Google Ads. PRP manages the ad and interested potential participants contact the study team directly. For Post-Roe research studies, PRP is offering free set-up and waiving one month of the maintenance fee. PRP will also cover up to $200 in advertising fees (paid to the advertising platform). Submit a request to get started.

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Study Website set-up support

PRP and Web IT have developed website templates to make it easy to create a study website. For Post-Roe studies, PRP makes it one step easier by working directly with the study team to develop content and launch the website.

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Expert consultations

Free one hour consultations for Post-Roe studies are jointly provided by Rana Barar, former Co-Director of Turnaway Study and Senior Program Manager, CTSI RAGE, and Ruth Gebrezghi, Coordinator,  CTSI Participant Recruitment Program.

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IRB Support

The department of OBGYN and the UCSF IRB have created a fast track pathway to IRB review for Post-Roe studies.

IRB Submission Guidance (UCSF Only)


More resources

CTSI Research Action Group for Equity (RAGE)  provides support and infrastructure for UCSF researchers to diversify their study populations. Joint consultations with PRP and RAGE are available via Consultation Services.

Plain Language Consultation - Free consultations available to help create recruitment materials that are understandable and actionable.  We recommend all studies start here and use this service before developing recruitment materials. All you need to get started is your Informed Consent Form!

Stock Image Swap  - Free image swap to help increase diverse representation in recruitment materials for your study. This is available for all UCSF and affiliate studies for free!

All PRP resources for designing and advertising for recruitment


Literature on Abortion Research Recruitment

  1. Moseson H, Wollum A, Seymour JW, Zuniga C, Thompson TA, Gerdts C. Comparison of Facebook, Google Ads, and Reddit for the Recruitment of People Who Considered but Did Not Obtain Abortion Care in the United States: Cross-sectional Survey. JMIR Form Res. 2021 Feb 24;5(2):e22854. doi: 10.2196/22854. PMID: 33625368; PMCID: PMC7946578.  
  • Results suggest that Facebook advertisements may be the most time- and cost-effective strategy to recruit people who considered but did not obtain an abortion in the United States. Adapting and implementing Facebook-based recruitment strategies for research on abortion access could facilitate a more complete understanding of the barriers to abortion care in the United States. 
  1. Upadhyay UD, Jovel IJ, McCuaig KD, Cartwright AF. Using Google Ads to recruit and retain a cohort considering abortion in the United States. Contracept X. 2019 Nov 28;2:100017. doi: 10.1016/j.conx.2019.100017. Erratum in: Contracept X. 2021 Feb 13;3:100056. PMID: 32550532; PMCID: PMC7286139.  
  • Google Ads is a feasible tool to recruit and follow a diverse sample of individuals who are considering abortion for studies investigating the barriers they face in obtaining a wanted abortion. 
  1. Dobkin LM, Gould H, Barar RE, Ferrari M, Weiss EI, Foster DG. Implementing a prospective study of women seeking abortion in the United States: understanding and overcoming barriers to recruitment. Womens Health Issues. 2014 Jan-Feb;24(1):e115-23. doi: 10.1016/j.whi.2013.10.004. PMID: 24439937.  
  • Majority of recruitment done by abortion clinic staff. Encouraged staff involvement with regular site visits, newsletters, and gifts (flowers, chocolates, gift cards) at various timepoints.   
  • Eligible patients incentivized to go through informed consent, without a commitment to participate.